Adding Nutrients
Instructions on adding nutrients


Adding A Master Ingredient
Adding A Master Ingredient


Vista And Windows 7 Installation
How to install on Vista and Windows 7


Windows XP Mode For Windows 7


Dalex Master Ingredient Import
How to import a master ingredient.


List Order Maintenance


Dalex Customer Ingredient Import
How to export a customer ingredient.


Import Price Files
How to import price files.


E-Mailing Reports
How to e-mail reports.
Master Ingredient File Additions
Instructions to add ingredients to the master file.


De-Registering A Machine
How to deactivate your program before moving it to another machine.


Printing Batch Mix
How to print Bach Mix


Customer Import
How to import a customer.


Graphing Module
Graphing Module as an add on.


Adjusting Ingredient External Codes
Instructions to adjust ingredient external codes.


Ordering Master Or Customer Ingredients


Upper And Lower Prices


Export Ingredients And Rations
How to export ingredients and rations from a customer.


Export And Import A Customer
How to export or import a customer.


Reference Manual
Manual explaining features and customizations controls for the program.


Appending Files
How to Append Files Using Primo PDF


Training Guide
You can download our Initial Training Guide.

Advanced Training
We offer advanced training online via Flash.
Contact us for a copy of our advanced training CD.

Online Assistance

For live Online Support we offer:

1. Download Teamviewer (click below)
2. Run the Teamviewer Application (install not required)
3. Send us your ID and Password so we can access your machine

Phone Support
800-421-3834 (Select Option 1 when prompted)
952-460-3800 (Select Option 1 when prompted)

Our Address
Dalex Livestock Solutions

8605 Santa Monica Blvd #79632
Los Angeles, CA 90069-4109

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